Исходя из определения, логично, что целью маркетинга на предприятии является удовлетворение потребностей клиентов. Поэтому можно сказать, что значимость маркетинга на промышленном предприятии достаточная высокая. Ключевые сильные стороны Sender – высокая доставляемость электронной почты, отмеченное наградами удобство для пользователя и непревзойденная доступность. They are aimed at deliberately misleading the audience. From our point of view, pseudo-events do not become real as a result of their media demonstration (as Boorstin suggested), but because they are quite naturally interwoven with reality, become social events themselves, reality itself. However, we believe that a pseudo-event becomes real not only when it is shown “on the screen”, but because it happens, ontologizes in reality itself. It is possible to give a definition that probably needs further development (as well as the phenomenon of false-reality): false-reality is a reality artificially created by PR-technologies based on the organization of reality events, the purpose of which is to create an image. There are certain rules according to which competing interpretative versions can dominate one another.

Pseudo-events can be very dramatic and tragic, unfortunately. The image is formed in the process of communication – verbal (oral and written varieties of language) and non-verbal (gestures, facial expressions, pantomime). Also, pseudo-reality is formed when the subject or object, about which the image is formed, is endowed with features and qualities that do not exist in reality. With partial construction – the event matures objectively, but does not have significance, however, to realize the goals of the subject of the communication it is necessary to concentrate public attention on it, therefore, the necessary elements are added to the event that has not yet taken place. For example, in order to form a positive public opinion, elevate position status of a subject/object/situation celebrities are invited to the opening of any object; experts, authorities, and stars are attracted to take part in the event (pseudo-event). For example, the commentary of an official, as well as a person of a well-known (popular) or one belonging to all respected professions or with other social parameters considered authoritative in this community, is more trustworthy and is more able to claim the status of the corresponding truth.

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Depending on the presence of objective prerequisites for the occurrence of an event in reality partial and total false-reality should be distinguished. An example of a successful interpretation of the event is: a company that provides cellular services is in a crisis situation due to a fire in its office due to a shorted electrical wiring. So, in an information message on the quality of the services provided, for example, some supermarket may show both happy faces of customers and customers who are not satisfied with the service. Customers are concerned about the network shutdown, the inability to establish a connection. To prevent negative perceptions of the company’s activities in connection with this event, the organization addresses subscribers with comments about what happened, reports that the network is already recovering, reassuring customers and, moreover, suggests that the fire was apparently the result of an arson from competitors. The last message can not only make customers empathize with the organization, but also positively affect its image in comparison with competitors. A striking example of a constructed event is the story of a “meteorite”, when a meteorite was artificially thrown to attract customers to the market of one of the russian cities.

If there are no objective prerequisites for an event in reality, then it is created absolutely artificially. We suggest introducing the concept, the term of false-reality for this type of reality. The term “false” is absent in philosophical dictionaries and encyclopedias. An example of attributing to a subject non-existent traits and qualities is the image creation technology, when the image is completed on the basis of the required set of parameters: “First of all, the political, economic platform on which the candidate speaks is outlined. Moreover, in reality, the subject may not even undergo the required transformations (changes at the personality level), and his image on the basis of the necessary traits is fixed with the help of rhetoric. At the same time, the situation (event) itself might not have happened in reality, however, it is fixed as having occurred with the help of the corresponding rhetoric. However, in contrast to interpretation in the mainstream of hermeneutics (hermeneutics is aimed at veritable understanding the true meaning) – interpretation using communicative technologies does not seek to establish the identity of what is happening and translated, but, on the contrary, acts as a distortion tool: subjects interpret the real event in a light favorable to themselves.

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