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Многие руководители делового мира считают, что цель маркетинга – облегчать и стимулировать максимально высокое потребление, которое в свою очередь создаёт условия для максимального роста производства, занятости и богатства. Многие предприятия предпринимают шаги к тому, чтобы реорганизовать или создать вновь систему маркетинга предприятия. С помощью маркетинга у вас есть возможность правильно организовать свой гостиничный бизнес и привлечь множество клиентов. Кому подходит: тем, кто только начинает свой путь в маркетинге, и тем, кто уже успел добиться определенных успехов. Анализируя всё произошедшее за 11 лет в маркетинге, могу сказать, что теперь то всё очевидно. On the other hand, the image is a cognitive structure (scheme) of the communication object (who is perceiving side of the communicative process). With regard to the construction of images by communicative technologies, two aspects should be distinguished: on the one hand, the image is a symbolic projection, which is created by the communication subject (who is transmitting side). The researcher claims: “The Cartesian realism, on the one hand, and the Kantian type of constructivism, on the other, represent too narrow understanding of the subject.

A person shows mobility and does not impose long-term obligations. An image, as a result of perception, includes something that has become visible and at the same time established by the subject (person) himself. From the point of view of the russian researcher V. Savchuk, “today everything is an image” 18. In an extremely generalized (and at the same time simplified) form, we point out that the image arises in the consciousness of the knowing subject as a result of the reflection of reality, and also, on the contrary, the image first arises in consciousness, in accordance with which reality is subsequently transformed. As a result of such a virtualization, the “socio-biological-linguistic organism” turns into a resource for image processing technologies. According to the author’s model, virtualization is any substitution of reality for its simulation (image), not necessarily using computer technology. 2. A. Byul’s virtualization model, presented in the work “Virtual Society. The challenges of digitalization require close-knit work and readiness for the transformation of various spheres of the life of our society. “This relative reality (which is defined in our interaction with it) is not identical with consciousness, because in principle, we are able to perceive an object from a different perspective” 21. According to Karvonnen, any object/phenomenon/question/problem is multilateral, which allows it to be disclosed from various positions.

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From our point of view, it is appropriate to interpret the concept of the liquid world in broad terms as the total loss of fundamentality, of the guarantee of ontological, axiological and epistemological foundations of the existence of human and the world. Flowing reality and its corresponding things, phenomena and processes require a deeper understanding in view of their ambiguity and the cardinality of the changes that affect the foundation of the existence of the world. Changes are taking place all over the world, and their speed can increase significantly, even if well-rehearsed, traditional social customs, values and institutions can counteract some events. The world is becoming even more obscure, uncertain, unstable. This undermines the fundamental foundations of the world: artificial reality is created, the true reality of the world is hidden. The key factor is the time factor, the speed-up of the existence of individual things and phenomena of this world. There are a number of concepts aimed at understanding social reality in view of the wide spread of images in modern world. Virtualization processes in the modern world have covered almost all aspects of the existence of the individual and society. Technological, economic and social innovations permeate each other, unite and influence each other.

In these conditions, from a psychological point of view, we are talking about the development of the ability of people and organizations to orient in unpredictable conditions and effective self-regulation in the field of social interaction. Virtuality has the following characteristics: non-material impact (created objects produce an effect characteristic of the material); conditionality of parameters (objects are artificial and mutable); ephemerality (the existence of objects can cease and renew). Reactions to changes, learning and adaptation processes produce new, possibly unintended, consequences. However, the existing fears relate to two areas: firstly, crowding out people with robots, from losing a job to making difficult decisions and new training requirements; secondly, hidden remote control of many processes and observation in an increasing number of areas, limiting individual freedom. Virtualization of the body/flesh means, firstly, the mediation of perception and thinking by computer networks, and secondly, the transfer of the working functions of the body to electronic devices. 344. International Energy Outlook 2001.352. nventing a better future: a strategy for building worldwide capacities in science and technology. Psychological conditions are changing, the changes will also affect psychology itself, as a science and practice, and under these conditions, we must first of all disseminate knowledge, take care of the culture of behavior on the network and put digital security first and foremost.

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